A Silent Story, Book 2

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On the heels of A Silent Story of Heartbreak & Hope, I’m moving forward with the paintings for A Silent Story of Loving & Letting Go. Because I only have control over what I do with each moment of my day, and I choose this.

I choose painting The Seeker sleeping and dreaming of the Little Seeker that is on their way into the world. This is the world I choose to spend my time in when everything feels too heavy for me. This piece is in process:

graphic novel without words

The best place to follow along with the process of the second book
is in my private Facebook page.

However, I will do a running progress on this page, too.
Updated from the top toward the bottom, chronologically.

May 2022
Many times, I have started over with my paintings. Partway through a piece, something can feel ‘off’. Like I am not living up to the best of my ability. It might be the overall shape of the body (because emotion is portrayed so heavily through body pose), it might be the colors. It might just be that the painting feels ‘too cute’ in my opinion, more decorative than purposeful.

In this case, there is so much I love about this first piece called “Manifesting”… I love the baby’s face and The Seeker’s face. But in the end, I couldn’t put down the idea that I had not used the space effectively. I decided I wanted the child to be ‘floating’ within The Seeker’s manifesting arms, I wanted The Seeker to be more emotive in her pose, less straight. I changed my mind about the intensity of the colors. I wanted a different energy from The Seeker’s body.

So, after about 6 hours of creating the first one, photographing it and sharing it with you… I started over on “Manifesting 2”. Within 15 minutes I knew that the path was correct this time. After one hour I felt that she was 80% done. When the Muse knows you are on the right track, she turns off the doubts and the work just FLOWS.

Some viewers may like the first painting better. But the second one will fit the book (Silent Story, book 2) better. She more fully hugs into my soul and my intentions for the book.

The first painting is available for purchase, and I may use her for products down the road, too. Gosh, since I don’t know where this SS2 path will lead me, I guess I can’t even say for SURE that she WON’T be in the book!!

learn much more about Silent Story –> #kmbsilentstory on facebook

June 2022

Silent Story, book 2, Loving & Letting Go: I had originally thought I’d like to see The Seeker pregnant and breastfeeding… but VERY quickly realized that didn’t feel right for the spirit of this character and what I intended from the beginning of Silent Story.

I often call The Seeker “her” but honestly… The Seeker feels like an emotional spirit that has feminine instincts, that doesn’t mean she is a woman. Nurturing, loving and connective instincts abound! Despite gender.

For Silent Story, book 2, deciding not to show The Seeker pregnant and building a child inside, led to the Manifesting painting that I showed earlier, where The Seeker is manifesting the child within their heart and soul and arms.

This then led to the curious issue of how does the whole book start?! My storyboard had some question marks! I just knew how I wanted it to feel…

It took several tries but this week I cracked that nut… here is a sneak peek at the painting I am currently working on. This is “Conception”. My intention is that it will feel warm and womb-like. The Seeker is planting seeds in her garden to satisfy the urge that is growing in her heart ♥

FIRST though, she needs to cultivate her world some, to prepare a place for this new growing hope.

June 2022

When you find yourself scrolling… remember this: “When we reach the end of our days, our life experience will equal what we have paid attention to… whether by choice or default.” ~ William James

What is your choice?

I find myself doing things that don’t really matter, and then remember that I want to leave behind a legacy in paint. So, I get back to the easel.

Taking even one small step today can make a huge difference.

Silent Story Book 2, art in process: The Seeker is nurturing her new sprout ♥ in a womb-like warm protective bubble, amidst the jungle of the world.

June 2022

The days seem long, but our time with our loved ones goes fast. Who is off doing their own thing right now that you can go find and offer a moment of connection to? I find that when I seek out my kiddos or my husband, they are usually grateful for a quick word, a smile, a check-in, a touch ♥

July 2022